In accordance with dutch corporate governance code and the articles of association, the company has adopted the policy on additions to reserves and dividends.
the company's dividend policy provides for the distribution of at least 50% of the consolidated ordinary net profit of the year.
Every year the board of directors of the company will propose to the shareholders' meeting a dividend distribution based on the dividend policy the stated dividend policy taking into consideration also several factors including, but not limited to: the general economic condition, the mfe’s earnings, cash flow, financial condition, capital expenditure requirements and other factors deemed to be important by the board of directors.

Dividends paid

fiscal year Dividend paid (million) Dividend per share Payout Ratio Ex-dividend Date Record Date Payment Date Share Capital
2022 € 140,1 € 0,05 64,60% 24/07/2022 25/07/2022 26/07/2022 € 808.247.071,44
2021 € 131,9 € 0,05 35,3% 19/09/2021 20/09/2021 21/09/2021 € 800.313.280,50