The following charts show the shareholdings structure of MFE - MEDIAFOREUROPE N.V., as well as the related percentage of voting rights, in line with the Shareholder’s Register, with the integration of information.
(*) Vivendi S.A. (announcement dated 12 April 2018, as required by Article 120 of the TUF), in compliance with the Italian Media Authority Decision No. 178/17/CONS, signed a consulting agreement with Simon Fiduciaria S.p.A. and its sole shareholder Ersel SIM S.p.A., relating to the exercise of voting rights over the shares held by the fiduciary company according to the instructions given by Ersel SIM, through its Chairman. Vivendi S.A. has kept its right to instruct the fiduciary company on the exercise of voting rights at the shareholders' meeting on matters for which the shareholders who did not take part in the decision are authorised to exercise their right of withdrawal.